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Artist and Illustrator


Bailee Strong is an IVA and Art History major who, while she works with a variety of mediums, uses printmaking as a productive means to explore personal traumas. They gravitate toward this medium because of the ability to reproduce images that collect a record of the development of ideas. She works with both the predictability of screen print as well as other forms, like etching, that reflects meticulous attention to detail.


Often confronting issues of memory, her imagery is ambiguous in its attempt at capturing fleeting moments. Approaching partial memories in her work, she requires the visual representations to rely on emotion rather than substantial and clear imagery. There are recognizable figures within her compositions, generally self-portraits, that will not always have a clearly provided context in order to evoke a dazed feeling of forgetting. Visualizing partial memories begins the process of coming to terms with what they represent. These personal experiences inform her work as they become physical markers of the process of healing.


University of Washington

BA in Art History and Interdisciplinary Visual Arts

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