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Accepting Intimacy

I wanted to curate an experience in a way with this installation; when you walk up to it you can start to see how the interaction is supposed to play out. The rug in front of the chair directs you to sit or to imagine someone sitting there, and the red tufted hands are another invitation to touch. I like to imagine they are comparing hand sizes, waving, or reaching out to the viewer as they are experiencing the work. In its own way, it is welcoming and reassuring that you are allowed to brush the rugs, sit in the chair, etc. I want to be able to explore what kind of touch feels okay right now and explore the guilt that comes with being around people. Isolation has made an impact on everyone, and the personal toll feeds into my own experiences with touch and how it is both uncomfortable and something that is needed- whether that connection is physical or emotional.

The hands are meant to reach out and become part of the viewer's space. As someone who is unsure and uncomfortable accepting intimacy, I wanted to curate an experience that invites interaction incrementally through the white cotton textile hands to the soft red reaching textile hands of the rug. There has been a collective experience of numbness brought on by this pandemic. The isolation has complicated my relationship with touch; it is now necessary to feel close to people and to feel a connection while guilt creeps in to remind me that every touch is possible contamination. The fact that this is meant to be interacted with is particularly a slippery slope since it is being made during a pandemic. Considering this will only be in an online gallery, it's unlikely that anyone will have a chance to interact with it, but I think it will be interesting to see how that contributes to the perception of this work overtime.


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